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1 HPLC with UV detector Knauer/K-1001/Germany
2 HPLC with UV detector Jasco/UV-2075 plus, PU-2080 plus/Japan
3 HPLC with PDA detector Shimadzu/ Prominance, Pump LC 20AD, Detector SPD M20A
4 LC-MS/MS (liquid chromatography mass spectrometry) API 2000 (Applied Biosystems)
5 LC-MS/MS (liquid chromatography mass spectrometry) API 2000 (Applied Biosystems)
6 Automatic off line Tablet Dissolution Apparatus with auto sampler Electyrolab/TDT-08L/Bombay, India
7 Tablet Disintegration Tester Electyrolab/ED-2L/Mumbai, India
8 Deep Freezer (-20oC) in AU ICT/India
9 Deep Freezer (-20oC) in CPU ICT/India
10 Cold Centrifuge (-20oC) 20000rpm in CPU Eltek/RC-4100F/Mumbai
11 Centrifuge Eltek/TC650S/Mumbai, India
12 Cold Centrifuge (-20oC) 20000rpm in AU Eltek/RC-4100F/Mumbai
13 Electronic Weighing balance Sartorius/GD-103/Germany
14 pH meter Sartorius/PB-11/Germany
15 UV-Vis Spectrophotometer Jasco/V630/Japan
16 Hot Air Oven ICT/Kolkata, India
17 Humidity Chamber Thermolab/Mumbai, India
18 Ultra sonic Bath ICT/D-Compact/India
19 Water Bath (Digital) ITC/Kolkata, India
20 Vortex Mixture Eltek/VM301/Mumbai, India
21 Millipore water System for HPLC with prefiiltration unit (academic) Millipore, France
22 Sphygmomanometer (Blood Pressure) ----------
23 Pipettes, Water Baths, Humidity Chambers ----------